About Dharam

Dharam P. Pandey received his Ph.D. degree in rehabilitation sciences. Currently he is working as a Director & HOD BLK Center for Advance Physiotherapy, Sports & Neurorehabilitation, BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Pusa Road, New Delhi. He is actively engaged in research as primary investigator as well as he promotes research in physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences in whatever possible capacity. Dharam’s research interest includes: Stroke, Balance Disorders, critical care, biomechanics and neuromyokinetc dysfunctions. He has conducted various Health talk, Camps, corporate workshop on work place ergonomics/ back pain prevention/neuromuscular occupational health hazards He has contributed regular public awareness article in leading news media, given various interview talk on Akashwani.

He has various Journal publications. He is reviewer and editorial board member for several journals including international journal of physiotherapy and occupational therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy journal. He is also member of more than 15 Professional Societies related to field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Dr. Dharam is well established in clinical and academic. He is also associated with national/international reputed university as visiting professor/faculty. He is also on examiner and exam paper maker as well as evaluator/examiner panel for UG/PG/PhD. He has keen interest in teaching and has conducted several workshops/seminars nationally/internationally on topic such as manual therapy, spinal structural balance, osteopathy, vestibular and balance rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, neuromyokinetic dysfunctions, achieving clinical excellence in physiotherapy. He is also involved in public health awareness and skill development in field of healthcare science, he is one of promotors of PRO-SEED foundation of India a not for profit organization which promote healthcare professional skill development, healthcare innovative research and general public health awareness.

Professional Memberships

  • American Physical Therapy Association (Int. Part.)
  • International Society of Exercise and Immunology
  • Delhi Council for Physio & Occupational Therapy
  • Indian Academy of Neurology
  • Indian Red Cross Society (Delhi Chapter)
  • World Confederation of Neurorehabilitation
  • National Advisory Board Member- PTOJ Journal
  • Scientific Committee Member- IJPOT
  • International Network of SCI Physiotherapist
  • Word Stroke Organization
  • American Society of Neurorehabilitation
  • India Federation of Neurorehabilitation
  • Indian Head Injury Foundation( Neuro Rehab Group)

Current Engagement - Clinical & Administrative

Managing Director

APARC Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


Chairman Clinical Services

Centre for Advance Physiotherapy,

Sports & Neurorehabilitation

Director & HOD

BLK Centre for Advance Physiotherapy,

Sports & Neurorehabilitation


As Managing Director of APARC Healthcare Take review of Account with Vice President Finance, make operational plan and strategy along with Executive director, Vice President Human capital. Review and guide team to work upon long-term goals and expansion of services. Work as umbrella guidance to entire team. Coordinate with all centres HOD about functioning and operational plans, needs for quality assurance

As Chairman of Clinical services Responsible for quality services delivery, monitoring and improvement initiatives across all the centre for advance physiotherapy, sports & neurorehabilitation managed by APARC Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Review lapses and need for training of staff. Facilitating staff training. Review and develop clinical care process, policy and therapeutic protocols. Interact with all clinical staff across all centre periodically. Brainstorming and planning for introduction of any advances in field to its centre immediately. Implement new system and policies to improve quality   services and compliance.

As HOD responsible for: Apart from providing patient consultation and treatment sessions. Routine rounds of inpatients and review/monitor OPD patients progress.  Staff training as per national/international accreditation norms regarding documentation, infection control, academic and quality control etc.  Planning and supervising operation of department Ensuring international standard quality physiotherapy services delivery. Facilitating Evidence based physiotherapy approach. Communicating with consultants and management. Facilitating the staff training.

17 Awards & Honors
46 Academic Workshops
More than 100 Health Talk / Invited National / International Lecture
19 National / International Publication

  • Practice strategies for pain management- Level 1 at AIIMS (New Delhi) 2014
  • CME on Level 1 Introduction of Chiropractic – AIIMS (new Delhi) III INCPT 2014
  • NDT/Bobath workshop- Management and treatment of adults with hemiplegia, IAMR (Ghaziabad) 2014
  • Role of Tapping in Injury prevention and treatment of Lower Limb Injuries, IAMR (Ghaziabad) 2014
  • CME on Shoulder Rehabilitation, by Dr. J. Maheshwari Orthopedic Foundation (2013)
  • Neurorehabilitation Physical Therapy Workshop 2012, Medanta The Medicity Hospital
  • CME on Radiodiagnosis & Neurorehab, MAMC (2006)
  • Exercise Testing and Prescription: at Jaipur Golden Hospital (2010) by Sandeep Kumar
  • Current Trends in Critical Care Physiotherapy: An Evidence Based Approach. (2010)
  • How to improve your research method and get published at WSC, Hyderabad (2016)
  • Trigger Pont dry Needling Introductory Course (2016)
  • Basic Training MPR, MPR International school, Switzerland (2016)
  • Evidence based upper limb Training aster stroke (2015)
  • Anterior Knee Pain (2014)
  • 1st international Physiotherapy Conference, Udaipur (2016) 
  • Neuro Physical Therapy Workshop (2012)
  • Treatment of Adults with Hemiplegia (2014)
  • Practice Strategies for Pain Management (2014)
  • Shoulder Rehabilitation (2013)
  • Taping in Injury prevention & Treatment (2014)
  • 3rd International conference of Physical Therapy, AIIMS (2014)
  • Osteopathy Techniques for Indian Clinical Scenario (2015)
  • Physiofest, MDU, Rohtak, (2015)
  • Rehabilitation in Intensive care unit- Sarvodaya Hospital Hissar- (2012)
  • Workshop on Early rehabilitation in ICU, BLK Super Speciality hospital- (2011)
  • Workshop on Early rehabilitation ICU, Jaipur Golden hospital- (2011)
  • Current Trends in Critical care Physiotherapy – (2010)
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (Balancing the Imbalance) at IAMR Ghaziabad.
  • Vestibular Disorders and Rehabilitation, Neuraxis-2013, AIIMS/IAMR – (2013)
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy at Neuraxis-2013 (AIIMS/IAMR)
  • EMG Biofeedback therapy in rehabilitation Neuraxis-2013 (AIIMS/IAMR)
  • EMG Biofeedback in Specific VMO training- Dr. J. Maheswari Foundation 2014
  • Evidence Based Physiotherapy, 53rd Annual conference of IAP- Shimla 2015
  • Symposium on oncological Rehabilitation- NE Cancer Hospital Guwahati 2015
  • Stroke Rehabilitation, Udaipur, 2016
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Workshop at AIIMS, 2016
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Workshop, at SBS Dehradun, 2016
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Workshop, MT College, Panchkula. 2016
  • Neuro-Connect held at MAX hospital Saket, New Delhi
  • MIND- Annual Neuro Update 2016, 29th May 2016. MAX Hospital, Dehradun.
  • 2nd International Conference held in London, UK during June 2016.
  • Understanding shoulder Pain - Dr. J. Maheswari Foundation 2016
  • Integrated MATS approach, Novel physiotherapies International conference, 2016 Udaipur
  • Role of Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Muscle Weakness, 2016 London
  • Integrated MATS approach, Novel physiotherapies International conference, 2016 London
  • Stroke Rehabilitation 2-day workshop- Delhi
  • Stroke Rehabilitation 2-day workshop- Kolkata
  • Stroke Rehabilitation 2-day workshop- KL, Malaysia




  • Recent Advances Conference Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi (2013) (Session chair)
  • Conference at (Indraprastha Apollo Hospital 2013) (Session chair)
  • III INCPT (AIIMS, New Delhi) (Session Chairperson) 2014
  • 53rd Annual conference of IAP- Shimla (Scientific Paper Presentation Judge) 2015
  • Sports Symposium – Enhance Performance-Play Fit, at Apollo Hospital Delhi-2015
  • 54th Annual conference of IAP- Shirdi 2016
  • Liver Symposium at Apollo Hospital-2016
  • Exercise Testing and Prescription by Sandeep Kumar 2011
  • International BOBATH course for CP by Jean Maes BOBATH institute, London (UK)
  • 2-day hands on workshop on Manual Therapy- by Arun Sanduja 2014
  • Workshop of Cyriax Technique for soft tissue dysfunctions by Shagun Agarwal-2014
  • Neuraxis 2015 as organizing secretory 2015
  • Hands on workshop on Chiropractic Physiotherapy technique for shoulder release -2014
  • COCMT Certificate course in Manual Therapy 2015
  • Workshop on Myofascial Release Technique by Arun Mozi -2015
  • NDT Pediatric by Sarawanan Shivanidhi 2016
  • Advance Certificate course in NDT by Cathy hazard (USA) 2016
  • 2 days hands on workshop on Dynamic Taping RYAN KENDRICK-2016
  • 2 days hands on workshop on Myofascial Manual Therapy by Fillipo Zanela, Italy 2016
  • Best contribution in Rehab services in Delhi/NCR of the year-2012 by Time Media
  • Eminent Physio Award by IAMR 2012
  • Significant contribution award by AIIMS/IAMR at Neuraxis – 2013
  • Guest of honor at various occasions by AMITY University/ IAMR 
  • Significant Contribution award by IAP on 53rd Annual Conference, Shimla -2015
  • Clinician excellence award 2015 by NCPT-2015
  • Physio Ratan award by HCPA, Haryana 2015 
  • Significant Contribution award by -2015
  • Physio Excellence award by IAP on 54th Annual Conference, Shirdi -2016
  • Significant Achievement Award 1st ICPT Udaipur 2016
Public Awareness
  • Various Health talk, Camps, corporate workshop on workplace ergonomics/ backpain prevention/neuromuscular occupational health hazards for the employee of Taj Hotels, Salwan Schools, Delhi Police, HDFC, ERGO, WHO, Tractable Engineering, Max Bupa etc.
  • Regular public awareness article in leading news media, given various interview talk on Akashwani. 
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) improve functional independence in critically ill patients IJSAT 12-02-08-002 2012(Published)
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to preserve muscle strength in critically ill patients- A pilot study Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy. Published (IJPOT Vol.:7, No. 3, Jul-Sep 2013)
  • Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy (CDPT) Helps in Management of Post Mastectomy Lymphedema: Published. POTJ Vol. 6 No. 1 Jan-Mar 2013.
  • Effect of functional strength training on functional motor performance in young children with cerebral palsy. Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy: Jan-Mar.2010, Vol 5 No. 1(Published)
  • Evidence Based Practice in Physiotherapy: Lighting up a new ray of hope for Indian Physiotherapist.PhysiotimesVol.2 Issue 3 Nov 2010. (Published)
  • Physiotherapy Approach for management of Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome Published. POTJ. Volume 6 Number 2, April - June 2013
  • Critical Illness Neuromyopathy- Prehabilitation Approach. - Literature review submitted for publication
  • Utilizing Rehabilitation Services by Spinal Cord Injury Patients in Various States of India- A survey (Ongoing) Pilot study done research associates have been identified from various physiotherapy college and questionnaire have been sent. (under subject Recruitment)
  • Role of intra-dialysis movement therapy on solute removal and long-term quality of life of patients of CKD (on going) 
  • Health Promotional Needs of Stroke survivors in Delhi & NCR- Assessing Rehabilitation Services(proposed)
  • Comparison of effect of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation with Conservative Methods and conservative Method Alone in Motor Recovery of the Dorsiflexors in Stroke Patients.
  • Principle investigator- Ms. Anju (Masters of Physiotherapy (Neurology) Student year- 2009-2010
  • Effect of Strength training and the Functional Exercise Program in Physical Activity as well as Walking Speed in Young Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy.
  • Principle investigator- Ms. Jasmine Masters of Physiotherapy (Neurology) Student year- 2009-2010
  • Effect of aerobic exercises versus relaxation techniques in depression-a comparative study
  • Principle investigator Mr. Rishi Saxena Masters of physiotherapy (Neurology), Santosh medical college (CCS university Meerut) 2010-2011 (Published)
  • Assisted Dr. Karriappa in her data collection and other activity related to her research project Titled Etiopathological Basis of Autism at Bangalore Medical College.
  • Worked with Dr. Karthik PT of Savitha College of Physiotherapy, Chennai for his research Titled Rehabilitation of Paraplegia National institute of mental health and neurosciences, Bangalore in 2003.


  • External Examiner/ Guest Faculty/Question Paper Setter
  • 5 National Indian University, 1 International University as board of studies advisory board member, external examiner, examination paper setter, guest faculty UG/PG/PhD Name purposefully not revealed as per ethical issues
  • The Indian Association of Physiotherapist (Delhi State Branch)
  • PRO-Seed Foundation of India
  • American Physical Therapy Association (Int. Part.)
  • International Society of Exercise and Immunology
  • Delhi Council for Physio& Occupational Therapy
  • Indian Academy of Neurology
  • Indian Red Cross Society (Delhi Chapter)
  • World Confederation of Neurorehabilitation
  • National Advisory Board Member- PTOJ Journal
  • Scientific Committee Member- IJPOT
  • International Network of SCI Physiotherapist
  • Word Stroke Organization
  • American Society of Neurorehabilitation
  • India Federation of Neurorehabilitation
  • Indian Head Injury Foundation (Neuro Rehab Group)