The term anterior knee pain refers to pain within the anterior aspect of the knee including chondromalacia patellae, intra-articular patellar chondropathy, patellar arthralgia, runner’s knee, jumper’s knee and possible referred pain from the hip or the saphenous nerve. Patients with a clinical presentation of anterior knee pain could be diagnosed with PFPS (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome), excluding those patients with anterior knee pain resulting from intra-articular pathologies, patellar tendinopathy, peripatellar bursitis,plica syndrome.

 Anterior knee pain is often misdiagnosed thus delayed efficient treatment leads to inhibition of VO muscle and tightness of lateral soft tissue and may leads to patellar mal-tracking.

We have developed unique exercises and specific protocol for management of anterior knee pain.

 These type of knee pain need to be taken care on time in order to prevent progration in degenerative changes in knee