Knees are complex, weight-bearing joints (junctions between 2 bones) that provide your body with flexibility, support, and a wide range of motion. Knees can be injured from trauma, arthritis, or everyday stress and strain. Knee pain is therefore a common complaint.

Depending on the type and severity of joint damage, knee pain can be minor or can lead to severe discomfort and disability. There are a number of common causes for knee pain, and it is important to have an accurate diagnosis of the cause so that appropriate treatment can be undertaken.


Treatment Options

Physiotherapy Management of Knee Pain depends on the pain causing factor for example pain arising from soft tissue like ligament and muscle of bone /cartilage damage.
A expert physiotherapist will do the detail assessment and evaluation to make the diagnosis
Based of type of injury and nature/extent of damage physiotherapist will implement appropriate
Treatment plan.
Physiotherapist may use modality like cryotherapy with compression, heat therapy, ultrasonic therapy for pain relief.
We offer combination of LASER therapy/ultrasonic may be in combination with cold or heat to minimize inflammation and allow healing process. After initial management of inflammatory phase we always encourage remedial exercises and long term management goal in order to prevent reoccurrence of injury or symptoms.

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