Your head and neck region is vulnerable to many different stresses. Bad posture can cause misalignment of your neck, head, and spine. Age and wear and tear can cause arthritis. Even activities such as gum chewing and reading in bed can cause pain.

Because neck and shoulder and scapula by and large works as functional unit thus any muscular imbalance in this functional unit reflect as pain and discomfort in any of these structures and these biomechanical and muscular factor is often ignored.

The most common cause of neck pain is a mechanical dysfunction in the muscles, joints, or ligaments, and less common, a disorder in the cervical discs. Neck pain can also be caused by a prolonged forward head posture or prolonged immobility; for example: sitting in front of a computer for an extended period, stress; a motor- vehicle whiplash injury; pain associated with using a pillow with poor support; or arthritis.

Our unique and evidence based intervention program for pain related to shoulder, scapula and cervical spine consists of pain relieving modalities, laser therapy, trigger point release, correcting muscular imbalance and active adhesions release.